Masks Help To Slow The Spread Of COVID-19

Dr. Miller

A Mask Mandate is in place for Livingston County.  It was issued by the Livingston County Health Center on November 18th, at the request of Hedrick Medical Center in part due to the number of COVID-19 cases being seen at the hospital and limited bed space.  KCHI spoke with Hedrick Medical Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Greg Miller.  Dr. Miller says masks are an important tool in the fight to control COVID-19.

Dr. Miller says there are a variety of masks in use in the community.  He says most people are using what they call a Level one mask.

Miller says most health care workers wear a Level Three mask and some will double mask.

Dr. Miller also talked about cleaning and changing your mask.  He also talked about the effect masks are having in the community.  KCHI will continue the conversation with Dr. Miller next week.


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