8th Grade Basketball Results

The Chillicothe 8th Grade Boys Basketball team lost to Hamilton 42-23. The Hornets were led by Brayden Shoop with 11 points, Ashton Baker with 5, Silas Midgyett with 4 and Kenyen Gannan with 3 points.
The 8th Grade Chillicothe Girls beat Hamilton 28-15, led by Presley Rardon with 10 points. Aubrie Burton had 9, Liz Oliver with 5 and Kealee French and Allie West each with 2.
Hamilton girls won the 7th grade game over Chillicothe 12 to 7. The teams only played three quarters due to Hamilton’s numbers. Chillicothe had Maicee Albrecht score four points, Hayden Hansen with two and Emerson Staton with one.

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