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A Game Plan For Big Game Food Safety

If you are planning a party for the NFL’s National Championship game on Sunday, The USDA says you need a SOUND GAME PLAN!

Start with a Clean Game.  Make sure everything is clean and ready to use.  And while cooking, clean as you go.

Make sure you keep the teams separated – No cross-contamination!  Keep the raw meats eggs and seafood away from the prepared foods and the foods that are meant to be served raw like fruits and vegetables.

When cooking, make sure the items are fully cooked and are at the proper temperature for good food safety.  For instance, Chicken wings – and poultry, in general – are safe to eat when they have reached an internal temperature of 165°F.

When serving the cooked foods that are meant to be served hot, keep them above 140°.  And for the foods meant to be served cold, keep them below 40°.  Use a good instant-read thermometer to ensure good food safety.

Don’t penalize your family and friends with foodborne illness, play it safe and enjoy the game!

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