Chillicothe’s COVID-19 Vaccination Event

The COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Event in Chillicothe is taking place at United Methodist Church.  Those that have a confirmed appointment will need to enter the church parking lot from Walnut Street.  The line is forming in the southbound traffic lane, so it is best to enter the line through Simpson Park.

The line began forming around 8:00 am for the COVID-19 Vaccine.  The National Guard is directing the traffic through the parking lot and those receiving the vaccine say the line of cars is moving well.  Unlike some other mass vaccination clinics, this one is NOT a drive-through.  Those with appointments are asked to park and after receiving their vaccination, there is a brief waiting period before they are dismissed.

The SEMA team and volunteers from Region H and the local community will provide an estimated 975 doses in today’s event.

A second event is scheduled for Saturday in Bethany.  That is also by appointment only.

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