Backpack Buddies Helping Students With Meals

Children who eat consistent, nutritious meals are healthier…  They concentrate better in school, build better bonds with their peers, miss less school due to illness, and score higher on standardized tests.  That’s why the Grand River Area Family YMCA partners with local schools and generous organizations and individuals throughout our community to provide nutritious meals to kids every weekend of the school year.  With the YMCA’s BackPack Buddies program, children receive kid-friendly, easy to serve breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to fill in the gap when school meals are not available.  Now more than ever, we know that too many kids are worried that they will not have enough food to eat.

Backpack Buddies program gives those kids the security and energy they need to move forward through the weekend, through the school year, and into a brighter, successful future.  If your child or a preschool or elementary school child that you know could benefit from the BackPack Buddies program, please contact the Y at (660) 646-6677 or ask your school office for a BackPack Buddies permission slip.

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