LCSD Officer Involved Shooting

A Livingston County Deputy is injured, and a suspect was shot and killed in an incident that began as a single-vehicle accident east of Chillicothe Friday night. The deputy responded to the call and arrived to find the vehicle was empty and saw footprints headed to a wooded area. The deputy reported seeing the man headed toward him. The man reportedly made comments that had the deputy concerned about mental health issues, as they talked, the man handed the deputy suspected drugs and personal items. As the suspect and officer were talking in the front seat of the deputy’s vehicle, the man suddenly became violent, seized the microphone from the deputy, and continued aggressively attacking the deputy inside the vehicle.
During the assault, the officer was forced to pull his weapon and as the assault continued the duty weapon was discharged with at least one round striking the suspect who was later pronounced dead at the scene.
The deputy was taken by ambulance to Hedrick Medical Center due to injuries received.
The Division of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC) be summoned to the scene to conduct a complete investigation of the incident.
Westbound 36, east of Chillicothe was shut down for several hours due to the investigation.


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