Mini-Grants Awarded

The second semester Chillicothe Education Foundation Mini-Grants were awarded this week,  Superintendent Dan Wiebers announced the winners.

The winners of the 2020-21 Mini-Grants for the second semester were:

  • Jeannette Johnson, CMS – Yearbook Camera Accessories: $441.32
  • Holly Noneman, CMS – Creating, Constructing, and Composing the Percussion Section: $125.00
  • Kari Snyder & the CES Building Leadership Team – Let’s Get Moving on Our Playground: $475.00
  • Shelby Ward and Ellen Hansen, CES – STEM Bins for Our Youngest Hornets: $499.72
  • Sonja Daley, GRTS – Seize the Clay: $500
  • Lily Pyrtle, Dewey – Creating Coders with Sphero: $489.95
  • Julia Reeter, CES – REAL Authors!: $458.85
  • Jamie Sullivan, GRTS – Health Care Literacy Library: $496.00 (Patty Palmer Memorial Mini-Grant)

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