Chillicothe Is A 10 GIG Community

Workforce Development, Economic Development, Education…  these all have a common thread, infrastructure.  The ability to connect to the world!  Chillicothe is now a 10 Gig Community, thanks to the developments and hard work of Green Hills Communications.  City Administrator Darin Chappell says we are not the first in the state, but we have something no other city has.

Chappell says having the redundancy to provide a reliable connection to the world makes Chillicothe attractive to businesses wanting to relocate from the major metropolitan areas and even from the east or west coast.

Governor Mike Parson was in attendance for the announcement and talked about how this ties into two of his priorities – Workforce Development and Infrastructure.

Chappell says becoming a 10 Gig Community became possible with the support of the City, the County, and Green Hills Communications and he is proud to be a part of the announcement.

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