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Severe Weather Preparedness – Tornadoes

This is Severe Weather Preparedness Week and The National Weather Service has information about Severe Weather each day this week.  Today’s Focus is on Tornadoes.  Meteorologist Jared Leighton says there will be a Tornado Warning Test at 10:00 am today.  Sirens will sound and tones will be aired on this and other radio and TV stations.

For Tornadoes, there are two announcements made, A Tornado Watch and A Tornado Warning.  Leighton explains a Tornado Watch.

He says a Tornado Warning means it is time to take action.

Leighton says where you take cover will depend on what type of structure you are in or near.

If you are in a mobile home, head to your designated shelter or make your plans ahead of time to have better shelter options in the event of severe weather.

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