Long Time Basketball Ref Retires

The high school basketball postseason is in full swing, and while the focus is on the athletes, another group of people is also ending their season. High School referees travel all over the state, often doing several games a week.
On any given call, a portion of the fans at the game will voice their displeasure.
One official that has called his final game has always done his job with a smile.

Long-time official David Brown was always best known as almost always having a smile.
Earlier this week at the Chillicothe Lady Hornets at Benton Game, he told KCHI’s Randy Dean that his career was ending.
Lady Hornets Coach Darren Smith commented about Brown’s lengthy career.

Brown told KCHI before the game that he has just one more Junior College game to ref, then his career would be over.

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  • Thanks Randy. I believe you are talking about David Brown who graduated from CHS in 1976. He was on those teams from 75-76 when Coach Rich Fairchild was starting out. Rich drove him hard and he was a tough defender and good player. I spent a lot of time with David in high school and Scouts. Great to call him my friend. I was the student manager of the team back then and went to all games. He loves the game to do this for so long! I was able to introduce David to my son, Bert, who made All State in BB at Savannah a few years back but Bert will never really know how I felt about David and how he made me love the game. Please pass this on to David if possible. Ben Ernst

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