Sam Graves Optimistic on Pandemic

Northwest Missouri’s voice in the Nation’s Capital says the newest numbers show optimism in Missouri’s fight against the COVID pandemic.
Congressman Sam Graves says the good news this week is that Missouri now ranks second lowest amongst all fifty states in average daily case rate over the last seven days according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Graves says this means fewer Missourians are getting sick, fewer are going to the hospital and fewer are needing intensive care.
Graves says he is also glad this is taking pressure off health care providers that have been fighting on the front lines of the pandemic for more than a  year.
The Congressman went on to says it’s a sign the vaccines are working. Nearly half a million Missourians have already received both doses of the vaccine and nearly one and a half million doses have been administered.
The next phase is expected to begin on March 15th when critical infrastructure workers will be eligible to receive the vaccine including teachers and childcare workers.

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  • Yeah, but the part he did say here that he did in his newsletter is that America is ready to open up! No need for masks, just cover your mouth when you cough and wash your hands. Typical Republican logic. See a light at the end of the tunnel and ASSUME that we are already there. Just like the Governor of Texas and Mississippi. Perfect way to start another surge!

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