Weekend Report For The Chillicothe Police Department

The Chillicothe Police Department report for the weekend includes 98 calls Saturday and 48 on Sunday.

Saturday’s calls include:

5:48 am, Report of someone knocking on resident’s door in the 1400 block of Alexander Street and would not leave.  Officers gave the person a courtesy ride to the 900 block of Webster.

1:06 pm, officers checked a noise complaint at the old Football Stadium near GRTS.  Officer checked and located kids using the old running track.

For Sunday:

7:57 AM, Officers responded to the 800 block of Jefferson Street for a reported domestic disturbance.  Upon arrival, Officers determined the disturbance to be a verbal argument only.  The subjects agreed to separate.

4:16 PM, Officers responded to the 1400 block of Washington Street for a report of trespassing.  Officers found no trespassers when they arrived, but did find evidence to support there had been trespassers.  The investigation continues.

10:12 PM, Officers responded to a disturbance in the 1100 block of Waples.  Officers contacted the person, they agreed to stop and return inside their home for the night.

11:16 PM Officers responded to the 600 block of Bus 36 Hwy for a disturbance.  Officers contacted the person involved and they were told to leave and the business did not want them to return.

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