School Board Approves Personnel In Executive Session

The Chillicothe R-II School Board approved several personnel matters in their executive session.

For Certified Staff:


Korby Ford-MS Social Studies

Deborah Hardy-MS Science Teacher (moving positions)

Quincy Vinson-ECSE Teacher (moving positions)

Kayla Leatherman-Vocational Business Teacher

Brittanee Rinehart-MS Science Teacher

Jill Watkins-HS English Teacher (moving positions)

Carly Carey-HS English Teacher (moving positions)

Katherine Gibson-Process Coordinator (moving positions)

Cassie Holcer-K-1st Title I Teacher

Shelby Holcer-Kindergarten Teacher

Kerrigann Calvert-HS Science



Margie Albertson-ECSE Teacher

Lila Moore-HS Art Teacher



Amy Peoples-MS Science Teacher

Tim Rulo-Elementary PE/Health

Lynnette Cowherd-SLP


For the Support Staff:


Mia Silkwood-CES Paraprofessional

Konner Sewell-MS Paraprofessional



Kristen Fleener-MS Paraprofessional

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