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Young Hornets Tennis Team Opens Season

The Hornets tennis team gained varsity experience in a 7-2 loss at Carrollton.
All of the Hornets played their first Varsity matches.
In singles matches for Chillicothe:
#1 Chace Corbin won 8-4
#2 Caleb Corbin lost 3-8
#3 Carter Allen lost 5-8
#4 Gabe Peterson lost 4-8
#5 Emmett Young won 8-5
# 6 Shayden Hawkins lost 4-8
In Doubles matches
#1 Chace Corbin and Gabe Peterson lost 5-8
#2 Caleb Corbin and Carter Allen lost 6-8
#3 Emmett Young and Shayden Hawkins lost 5-8
In JV competition, the freshmen team of Anthony Trantham and Austin Lyford won 6-0 and Lyford also won his singles match 8-2.

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