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What Might Be Found On The Livingston County Ballot

The Livingston County voters will have a variety of items on the April 6th ballot, depending on where they live.

In Chillicothe, there is one contested race for the City Council.  For First Ward, Reed Dupy faces Michael Smith.

Some Livingston County Voters will consider a property tax (personal property & real estate) of 30 cents per $100 valuation to fund the Chillicothe Rural Fire Protection District.

General Road District funding will be on the ballot for several townships.  This includes Monroe, Fairview, Grand River, Mooresville, and Wheeling Townships,

Several towns will consider forgoing elections when the number of candidates equals the seats to be filled by the election.  This includes  The Village of Ludlow, City of Chula, Village of Utica, Mooresville Township, Jackson Township, and Wheeling Township.

Township Trustee and Township Board members for Chillicothe, Rich Hill, Fairview, Grand River Township, Village of Utica, and Mooresville Township,

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