April 6th Ballot – Chillicothe Fire Protection District

Funding for Chillicothe Fire Protection District No 1 is on the April 6th Ballot.  Last August, voters approved the creation of the district and the make-up of the board, but the tax levy to fund the district failed.   On April 6th, voters in the Fire District will consider funding again.

The ballot question for those voters reads…

“Shall the Chillicothe Fire Protection District No 1 have the authority to impose an ad valorem property tax at the rate of 30 cents per $100 assessed valuation?”

If approved the tax is for both personal property and real estate.

One comment

  • Why can’t Chillicothe Rural meet with other departments and try to work something out ?
    They won’t even talk to other departments. They are hurting themselves !!!

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