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CMS Track Results

Chillicothe’s four middle school track teams – 8th grade boys, 8th grade girls, 7th grade boys and 7th grade girls’ teams – all placed first or second in the team standings in Tuesday’s Cameron invitational meet. In the individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers:
8th Grade Boys results
1st place for Silas Midgyett in the High Jump
2nd place for Carter Shipers in the 1600 and 800, the 4×400 relay team, Silas Midgyett in the 100
3rd place for Tavion Gray in the 800, Cain Evans in the 400,

8th Grade Girls results
1st place for 4×100 relay team, 4×400 relay team, Anna Pfaff in the triple jump
2nd place for Kealee French in the 800, Alyssa Munroe in the 1600, Anna Pfaff in the 400
3rd place for Rylee Anderson in the 800, Sadie Midgyett in the shot put and discus

7th Grade Boys results
1st place for Luke Thompson in the high jump and 800, 4×400 relay team, 4×200 relay team, Oliver Perry in the 400 and long jump, Jack Marshall in the discus and triple jump, Jaydin Kohl in 1600
2nd place for Oliver Perry in the high jump, Thomas De La Rose in the 200, William McCoy in the discus
3rd place for William McCoy in the 100 & 100 hurdles, Brenton Ralls in the long jump

7th Grade Girls results
1st place for the girls 4×400 relay, Ava Leamer in the 400 meters, Lyla Beetsma in the 800, Lydia Gabrielson in the 1600, Olivia Jenkins in the shot
2nd place for Molly Kennebeck in the 800, Olivia Jenkins in the discus, Lyla Beetsma high jump and triple jump, 4×200 relay, Ava Leamer tied in the long jump
3rd place for Rebecca Pittman-Maupin in the 400 meters, Kaelyn Graupman in the 800, Beau Ann Graves in the discus, 100 and 200, 4×200 relay team, Ava Leamer in the triple jump, Emerson Staton in the shot put.

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