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Age Check For Alcohol & Tobacco Sales

If you work in retail, where alcohol and or tobacco are sold, checking someone’s license to see if they can purchase can be confusing.  Some retailers have the equipment to do automatic checks of the license, but if you have to locate the birthday and then determine if you can or can not sell the pressure is on.  Well, now the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has an app for that.

Show-Me ID will scan the barcodes on the back of the Missouri ID or Driver’s license and gives immediate feedback.

The app automatically signals the user when a scanned ID is fraudulent. The app includes a calendar feature to alert whether the bearer of a legitimate ID is of legal age to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

There is also a guide on the app that reminds the user of the proper steps for checking whether the ID is valid and the prospective purchaser is of legal age. The Show-Me ID app does not store the information from IDs it has scanned.

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