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Sheriff & Deputies Receive Training

The Livingston County Sheriff, Steve Cox, and his deputies have completed training in several areas in the past month.  Sheriff Cox says that includes:

deputies and sheriff received 2-hour refresher block of training on De-escalation and Minimizing Use of Force.

Deputy Terry Wilson attended an 8-hour block of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Case Law and Documentation.

Sheriff Steve Cox attended the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) Spring Training Conference.  Training at the Conference included:

  • Critical Mindset-West Memphis Shootout
  • Israeli Law Enforcement Counter Terror; Domestic and Foreign
  • Understanding Generations
  • Effects of Hypervigilance on Law Enforcement
  • Leading Your Agency Through a Line of Duty Death
  • Legal Updates
  • Anti-Racial Profiling
  • CIT-Surviving COP Culture

Deputy Caleb Clements received training on Fentanyl Dangers and Investigations.  That course was provided by the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center and was a full-day webinar.

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