Police Report on 4/13/21 Activities

Activities on the Chillicothe Police Report from April 13th:
1:00am, Officer checking subject on a bicycle in alleyway 300 block of Washington Street….Advised subject to obtain lights on bicycle if riding after dark.
7:29am, Report that traffic signals at Bus. 36 and US 65 are malfunctioning…..Officer monitoring the signals and they are cycling correctly…..
9:58am, Officer out at residence in the 100 block of Herriman Street on an animal complaint….Negative contact at residence….
10:23am, Subject speaking to Officer about trespassers at a residence that he is taking care of……Options explained to the subject….
10:24am Subject in PD with concerns of driving ability of a relative Information was given to them…
10:33am, Officer assisting Animal Control in the 1500 block of Calhoun Street…..Two animals seized by Animal Control…..
11:22am, Officer out in the 10 block of Brunswick on an investigation…..
11:53am, Officer out in the 1000 block of Industrial Road on investigation…..
12:22pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer in reference to dogs picked up in the 1500 block of Calhoun Street…..
12:46pm, Report of suspicious acting subject in Clay Street Park…..Officers made contact with subject and they are moving on….
1:00pm, Officer assisting other agency with obtaining information from resident in the 300 block of Park Lane……
3:48pm, Report of vehicle accident at US 36 and 65 Junction……Officer travelled east and west and unable to locate anything.
4:09pm, Subject calling inquiring what to do in reference to son’s friend breaking window……Officer speaking with them.
5:14pm, Subject arrested near Herriman and Elm Streets on a Lafayette County warrant for failure to appear. Subject processed at PD where bond was posted and the subject was released……
5:52pm Officer out in the 400 block of Herriman Street on an investigation…..
6:43pm, Officer arrested a 33 year old Chillicothe resident in the area of Crescent Drive and Woodrow Street following a traffic stop for Driving While Intoxicated and Driving While Revoked. Subject was transported to PD, processed and released
Chillicothe Police received 85 calls for service on 04/13/2021

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