Chillicothe Voting Ward Boundaries To Change

The voting wards in the City of Chillicothe will be changing due to the 2020 Census.  City Administrator Darin Chappell says the city population did NOT hit 10,000, so the city does not need to change the form of government.  However, the distribution of the city’s population has shifted within the city limits.  Chappell says that will require some adjustments as they receive the final information from the federal government.

Chappell says the second ward in Chillicothe is unique, as they have a large number of residents that are not allowed to vote.  Those residents are at the Chillicothe Women’s Prison.

As of early this year, the detainee population at the Chillicothe Prison is just over 1,000.

When the change of Boundaries for the four wards in Chillicothe are announced later in the year, the residents affected are most likely along the current boundary lines, moving a block or two in either direction.

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