Controversy at MEC Golf Meet

The Midland Empire Conference Golf meet ended with some controversy that affected Chillicothe and St Pius X.
Hornets Coach Jim Wheeler said Chillicothe’s Colby Gillespie played in a foursome of #1 players and turned in a 79 on his scorecard. St Pius X #1 player turned in a 70, however some players in the group disputed the score.
The Tournament Committee instructed the group to sit down and hash out the correct score. The Pius player’s scores on five holes were recorded incorrectly, resulting in his true score to be six shots higher. Gillespie’s score on one hole was also incorrect and both players, which had already signed their scorecards were disqualified by the Committee, dropping Chillicothe two notches to 7th.
Coach Wheeler stated while the result is disappointing, he said the Committee followed the correct procedures and applied the rules correctly.
James Mathew led Chillicothe with an 89, Spencer Shira a 95, Jackson Trout a 106 and Dalton Ripley a 114 for a final score of 404.
LeBlond won with a 315 and had the medalist with a 75.Empire Conference

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