Chillicothe Police Activity for 5/14/21

Chillicothe Police received 91 calls for service on 05/14/2021. Calls included:
8:00 am Officer out at Polk and Washington Street in an attempt to catch a dog running loose, but was unable to catch the dog.
8:01 am, Officers received a report of a theft from a motor vehicle in the 500 block of South Washington Street. The theft occurred between 05/01/2021 and 05/10/2021.
8:50 am Officers out for domestic disturbance in the 2500 block of Fairview. Determined to be verbal and no arrest was made about the disturbance. A 29-year-old subject at the scene was taken into custody on an active Caldwell County warrant, transported to the PD where the bond was posted and the subject released.
9:05 am Subject in PD to provide Officer with evidence in reference to an ongoing investigation. Officer handling
9:30 am, Officer out at City Hall delivering bond paperwork for Caldwell County….
2:01 pm, Subject calling from YMCA about scheduling a Health Day event….Speaking with Officer…
2:21 pm, Officers monitoring traffic for reported impaired driver headed to Chillicothe from the Chula area…..Officers unable to locate the driver, but the subject was contacted by the Sheriff Department and eventually transferred to a medical facility for treatment….
3:17 pm, Report of a suspicious acting subject in the 700-block of N. Washington….Contacted by Officers and OK…..
5:02 pm, Veteran’s Crisis Line contacting Police for the well-being check on a subject in the 300 block of Webster Street….. Unable to make contact…..
5:32 pm, Officers checking area of 400-block of Monroe for an attempt at paper service…..Negative findings on location….
5:46 pm Officers out in the 700 block of Cowgill Street to check on possible property damage…..No report at this time….
7:29 pm, Report of a suspicious subject in a vehicle in the 10 block of Jackson Street near storage units….Subject waiting for their mother who has key To storage unit….
7:41 pm, Officers at public relations event for Main Street Chillicothe “Wine Walk” and Concert….
8:01 pm, Officers assisting Sheriff’s Department with the unruly subject at Hedrick Medical Center….The subject was eventually transported to another medical center for evaluation and treatment….
9:30 pm, Officers out in the 1100 block of Calhoun to check on reported suspicious activity….Nothing found…..
The Police Department has been receiving more and more reports every day of telephone scams reporting that the victim’s Social Security account has been hacked and also trying to get personal information on banking and trying to get you to buy gift cards to take care of any penalties…These are all scams that are being reported to the PD daily! Don’t fall prey to these scams and provide them with any of your personal information…HANG UP!

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