Taxes Filed — Where’s My Refund?

The 2021 IRS Filing deadline was May 17th, and there are now taxpayers waiting for their refund.  The IRS says checking the status of your refund is quite simple.

Taxpayers can check on their refund using the Where’s My Refund? tool.  It is available on  You can also use the IRS2Go app on your phone or tablet.

Taxpayers without access to a computer can call tollfree 800-829-1954.

To use these tools, you will need to have a bit of information handy.  The taxpayers need their Social Security number, tax filing status and the exact amount of the refund claimed on their tax return.

The IRS says these tools updates once daily, so there’s no need to check more often.

For Missouri Returns, you can check the status of your at the Department of Revenue website –


  • I filed my taxes on 4/12 through Jackson Hewitt paid to have them done. Supposed to get back in 21 days, it’s been 6 weeks. No one will answere their phones.

    • If the IRS Tax rerun website has given you a delivery date when it was sent and you have not received it, within 7 Business days you might have to put a trace on it by filling. Up a form-3911 You have to print out the form you can not file on line it has to be printed filled out and mailed or Fax or you can do it by phone with the IRS If your optimistic about taking that route you can check with the IRS
      Tel.# 800-919-9835 and explain to them That you haven’t received your Tax return
      You can only do this if on the tax return status says that the check was sent out. Other than that you have to continue to wait until you get a sent out date from the IRS. Hope this information will be of some help to you

    • I’ve been waiting over 2 months

  • I have been waiting for my federal refund going on 2 1/2 months now I filed my federal taxes 3/6/21

  • I filed mine it’s been 10 weeks and I still haven’t gotten mine paid my tax person and was told about 3 weeks 10 weeks later and still no refund we need to start getting paid interest for it then it might speed things up!!!

  • 3/27 I filed my taxes and still haven’t received anything what’s the hold up

  • I found my taxes February 22 I have not heard

    I found my taxes February 22 I have not heard anything back and I have not got my fourth stemless check what’s going on

  • I found my taxes February 22 I have not heard anything back and I have not got my fourth stemless check what’s going on

  • I did my on February 12 have got any thing

  • The unemployment refund wait is totally ridiculous! Yep

  • I file my taxes February 15 and still haven’t receive my money what’s going on I need my money

    • I filed on February 15 and have not received nothing. I bet if we owed them they would be send all kind of notices in the mail

  • Where the fuxk is my refund and stimulus! I’m
    Going over 3 months waiting now this is bullshit! IRS prioritize better!!!

  • I have not received my refund check now I’ve been waiting for over 4 months

  • It’s been since February 25 still haven’t received anything the irs said 10 weeks it’s has passed then 30 days passed it’s been three months nothing

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