Some Tax-Payers Receive An Additional Refund

If you filed your tax return ahead of the deadline, expecting a refund, and had already received you’re the funds in your bank, you may be surprised with an adjustment from the IRS.  Michael Devine from the IRS says they are doing some recalculations.

This additional money will show up in your account or be mailed to you, depending on what you had set up with your tax filing.  These will be followed by a letter from the IRS to each of the taxpayers on the return, explaining the adjustment.


  • Want it to know if I’m getting any refund back

  • How do you know if your one to get the extra money

  • I need extra money for winter and bills

  • Low income people needs the refund I am a single mother of two 14, 21. The extra money does help us a lot to try to get by because of the Virus

  • I’m still waiting for mine and I amended mine because I made a mistake, currently check my refund status from time to time, if it’s true mine will be readjusted and an actual person is looking over my return. Not in a rush for it.

  • I haven’t seen my refund nor any of the 3 stimulus payments and I filed my income tax back in march

  • I filed my taxes in the first week of February and I haven’t heard anything from my taxes yet. So I hope I got a lil extra money on my taxes being that it is almost 5mos. Sense I sent my taxes in.

  • Need it as soon as possible. !

  • Eveline Harrell

    I filed on FEBRUARY 3. 2020, when will I receive my taxes. This is ridiculous

  • I filed on March 12th 2021

  • Filed on March 14th still no response ,,,I’m getting frustrated…usually get it in 2weeks from TurboTax…

  • I agree with the people above me I’ve been waiting 70 days for my refund and still says processing when will we get ours they keep giving out more money but yet the people that need their tax money and I can’t get it come on man

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