Grand River Flooding At Chillicothe

The National Weather Service predicts the Grand River at Chillicothe will reach 35.7 feet for a crest. Floodstage at Chillicothe is 24 feet and the river is currently at 29.1 feet.

Historic data from The National Weather Service indicates at 35 feet, Us 65 south of Chillicothe is threatened by floodwaters. Drivers that will need to travel south of Chillicothe should remain aware of the latest river level and plan appropriately.

The flood forecast indicates the river will rise above the 35-foot mark around 7:00 this evening and should fall back below 35 feet in the overnight hours.

If MoDOT closes US 65, do not drive around the barricades or drive through the floodwaters. You can not tell how deep the water is or the condition of the road beneath the water surface.

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