Secretary of State Awards Records Preservation Grants

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s Local Records Division is pleased to announce 23 grants totaling $283,584. The awards include 17 Local Records Grant Program awards totaling $144,809 and 6 Electronic Records Grant Initiative grants worth $139,775.

Ashcroft said “My office is pleased to help local communities in our state with records preservation.  It’s a good thing to save the past for future generations to see.”

Based on recommendations of the Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board, the Local Records Grants provide the recipient local governments with assistance for records management and preservation projects.

Local Records Grant recipients are now eligible to receive reimbursement.  Locally that includes the Livingston County Library, receiving $9,713 for shelving

The Electronic Records Grant Initiative grants are intended to assist local governments in establishing good electronic records management practices and to provide greater transparency by allowing greater public access to records online.  There were no local recipients.

Ashcroft says Local Records, along with State Records Management and the Missouri State Archives, comprise the Records and Archives Division of the office of the Secretary of State.

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