Cabs, Storage Containers and Truck on Chillicothe City Council Meets Monday

The Chillicothe City Council will consider the purchase of a truck for CMU, parking changes, and shipping containers as part of Monday’s meeting.  The City Council meets at 5:30 pm in the CMU large meeting room.

Appearances include CMU General Manager Matt Hopper requesting the approval of the purchase of a Digger Derrick for the Electric Department.

Nathan Zabka will request a change of parking on Elm Street, between 3rd and Ann Streets.

City Attorney Robert Cowherd will lead a discussion on the use of Shipping and Storage Containers,

The will be an amendment presented to the city code for the general sales tax approved in 2020.

An ordinance will also be presented for taxicabs and vehicles for hire.

A closed session is planned to follow the regular meeting.

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