House Fire at Dickinson Street Saturday

The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a fire at 325 Dickinson Street Saturday. The Department received a call of a power line down and tree down at a blue house with a Racing Team trailer out front.
Sparks were coming from the end of the power line and side of the house with smoke coming from the south side of the house and the roof area.
The electric meter was pulled and CMU was contacted to remove the power line from the house.
The Fire Department reported upon entry, a huge amount of debris was found in the house. Firemen attacked the fire from the house using three attack lines.
A heavy equipment excavator was brought in to remove the roof and debris from the second story to finish extinguishing the fire.
During the incident, the water main north of Directory Street burst, and was shut down, leaving the department with just one usable hydrant in the area.

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