Livingston County Sheriff’s Report

The Livingston county Sheri”s report includes incidents and arrests.

Incident Reports:

July 31st, deputies began investigation of identity theft and fraud where unknown person obtained a local residents personal information without consent and opened credit accounts and obtained money from a loan.  A debt collector’s contact to the victim is how they learned of this crime.  Investigation continues.

August 1st at 4:25 am deputies made a traffic stop which revealed two juveniles and 1 adult in the vehicle.  One juvenile had marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  A report was submitted to the juvenile office.

August 2nd, deputies completed an incident report on person who failed to appear in Court on a felony charge.  An additional charge of Failure to Appear in Court is anticipated.


August 3rd deputies began investigation of identity theft and fraud as a local resident reported learning from a debt collector of an outstanding pay day loan in the name of the victim with $2,876.44 being owed.  Victim had never authorized such a loan or use of her information. Investigation continues.

Other Arrests:

July 28 LCSO arrested 33-year-old Joshua Steven Knouse of Wheeling, on Livingston County warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on Domestic Assault-3rd degree.  He was transferred to Daviess Dekalb Regional.

July 30 at 1:20 pm a deputy stopped a Chicago Illinois driver, 33-year-old Zachary Matthew Willard, for 98 in a 65 on US 36 near Mooresville.  Willard was arrested for alleged speeding.  He posted bond.

August 1st at 2:05 am, a deputy observed a vehicle on US 36 weaving and driving in both lanes. They arrested 39-year-old Amanda Lee Burns of Brookfield for alleged Driving While Revoked.  She was processed and released on citation.

August 5th, deputies arrested 25 year old Dillon Lee Potter of Chillicothe, on a warrant for alleged Possession of a Controlled Substance.



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