A Few Of The New Laws For Missouri

The Missouri Legislature approved and the Governor signed several new or revised laws.  Some of the laws include:

OFFENSE OF UNLAWFUL POSTING OF CERTAIN INFORMATION ONLINE – It is currently a class C misdemeanor if a person is unlawfully posting certain information over the internet if they knowingly post the name, home address, Social Security number, or telephone number of any person on the internet intending to cause great bodily harm or death, or threatening to cause great bodily harm or death to such person.

This bill modifies the current offense by adding “any other personally identifiable information.” If a person posts the described information of any law enforcement officer, corrections officer, parole officer, judge, commissioner, or prosecuting attorney, or the information of an immediate family member of such officer, judge, commissioner, or prosecuting attorney, they shall be guilty of a class E felony.

UNLAWFUL USE OF A LASER POINTER  This bill creates the offense of using a laser pointer, by knowingly directing the light from a laser pointer at a uniformed safety officer, including a peace officer, security guard, firefighter, emergency medical worker, or other uniformed municipal, state, or federal officer.  Violation of this offense is a class A misdemeanor.

TRANSPORTATION FUNDING This bill enacts an additional tax on motor fuel, beginning with 2.5 cents in October 2021, and increasing by 2.5 cents in each fiscal year until reaching an additional 12.5 cents per gallon on July 1, 2025

FLASHING LIGHTS ON MOTOR VEHICLES  This bill adds vehicles and equipment owned, leased, or operated by a coroner, medical examiner, or forensic investigator of the County’s Medical Examiner’s Office, when responding to a crime scene, motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, or any location at which the services of those professionals have been requested by a law enforcement officer, to the list of vehicles authorized to use or display fixed, flashing, or rotating red or red and blue lights.

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