CMS Football vs Maryville Results

The Chillicothe 7th grade football team ended in a 24-all tie at Maryville.
Scoring for Chillicothe was Mak Dickerson on a 45 yard run. Henry Hurtgen scored from three yards out to tie the score 12 to 12 at halftime.
Dickerson scored again on another 45-yard run in the third.
Hurtgen scored from five yards out following a 35 yard punt return by Cooper Robinson to lead 24-12.
Maryville scored on a long play with 2:43 left in the game. Chillicothe fumbled the ball to Maryville, which scored in three plays for the tie game.
7th Grade Coach Reid Stephens stated “We let that one get away! We fumbled three times tonight which is not  like us. We’ll get that fixed!”
Stephens stated his team ran for close to 250 yards.

The Chillicothe 8th grade football team lost to Maryville 46-6. Coach Doug French stated Maryville took the opening kick off and went 75 yards for a touchdown. It opened the scoring flood gates that turned into a 40-0 Maryville lead at half.
Chillicothe played them evenly in the second half for a 46-6 Maryville win.
French stated highlights included a spectacular run to the five-yard line by Jack Marshall in the first half, but lost the ball on the next play due to a miscommunication in the backfield.
Marshall chased down the player and saved a touchdown before halftime.
The lone Chillicothe score came on an end-run by Brenten “Hubby” Ralls. He was also credited for catching some passes from QB Oliver Perry.
Other stand outs were QB Jaden Kohl, who was injured in the second half, and CMS running back Sam Wire.


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