Council Votes “No” On BIRD Memorandum of Understanding

The Chillicothe City Council voted no on a Memorandum of Understanding with BIRD Rides to allow motorized stand-up scooters owned by the company to use city right of way.  The discussion about the MOU included concerns about scooters left around the community, concerns from businesses of having the scooters outside the business, and who would be responsible for the pick-up and care for the scooters.

In the end, Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham made the motion to approve the ordinance and the council voted 5-0 to NOT approve the Memorandum.

City Administrator Darin Chappell says that may not stop them from coming.  He says the city will need to deal with the company if they chose to operate here.

The City Attorney, Robert Cowherd, says without the permission to use the right-of-way, they would not have a place to park the scooters and may choose to not come to Chillicothe.

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