Car Deer Accidents – What You Need To Do

The number of car versus deer accidents investigated by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department has increased significantly over the past several weeks according to Sheriff Steve Cox.  Cox says at this time of year deer activity increases for many reasons, including weather, mating season, farm activity, and hunting seasons.  He says this increased movement can be any time of day but seems to peak early morning and late evening.

As deer are crossing the roads, the chances of accidents increase.  Drivers should stay alert for deer in fields, along wooded areas, and at the roadside; and remember, if you see one…  another or possibly several more are nearby.

Cox says if you are involved in a crash with a deer and no one is injured and no property damage to anyone else’s property has taken place, you ARE NOT required to report this to law enforcement.  All you need to do is report to your insurance as this claim falls under comprehensive coverage.

However, if any person is injured or another person’s property is damaged, a report is needed and you can call your local law enforcement agency or 911.

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