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Soil Moisture and Rainfall

With the majority of the harvest complete across the region, replenishing the soil moisture is important before we head into the winter months.  The US Drought Monitor shows most of Missouri at normal moisture levels, but locally, portions of Caldwell, Livingston, and Linn Counties and all of Carroll and Chariton Counties are “Abnormally Dry.”

The National Weather Service shows for the year, Chillicothe has received 39.58 inches before the start of the week.  Nearly 1/3 of that came in June, when we received 12.44 inches of rain.  The average rainfall for a typical year in Chillicothe is 39.53 inches.

Livingston County is abnormally dry due to August and September each being 2.4 inches or more below normal rainfall.

Livingston County should end the year with the drought monitor showing normal or near-normal if we have a couple of inches of rain each month.

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