Preservation Grant Approved For Historic Chillicothe Home

In an effort to save a historic home in Chillicothe, and bring it back to a functioning part of the community, the Livingston County Preservation Society (LCPS) purchased the old Edgerton/Welch home this past August.  The house was built in 1891 by Dr. W. W. Edgerton who helped found one of the local banks.  Livingston County Preservation Society president Kirsten Mouton says this house is in need of a lot of TLC, starting with the leaky roof.

Mouton says in the end, the property will be maintained by the LCPS and used as an Airbnb-type rental space, allowing the opportunity to conduct tours for schools and others to showcase this piece of our community’s history.

To help in the rescue of the house, BNSF Railway Foundation awarded LCPS a $5000 grant.

Mouton says “We are very humbled and excited about this!” she went on to say Chillicothe has been tied to the railroad industry since the 1850s and they have been a very important part of our community’s growth and continued economic success.


  • Please tell the community what new bldgs. are going up around the area.
    There is one near Lowes and others along Washington street. thx…tom … are a
    good announcer . enjoy listening to you on the radio

  • Nice job, Livingston County Preservation Society!!

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