MoDOT Roadwork Scheduled For The Upcoming week

The Missouri Department of Transportation roadwork plans for the week of November 15th.  Some of the work taking place in Northwest Missouri includes pothole patching, pavement repairs, and roadside work.

Caldwell County

Route 116 – Shoulder work Monday and Tuesday from US 69 to Route A

Route A – Shoulder work Wednesday and Thursday from the Ray County line to US 36

Carroll County

Route Z – CLOSED until further notice from Route C to County Road 217 due to a roadway slide.

Culvert Replacements – Route D – CLOSED Monday.

US 65 – Shoulder work from County Road 220 to County Road 224, Nov. 15 – 18

Daviess County

US 69 – Shoulder work, all week

Route K – Roadside work Thursday and Friday from Route P to Jump Road

Route P – Pothole patching Thursday and Friday from Route K to Route YY


Grundy County

Routes V and E – Roadside work all week

Linn County

Route B – Shoulder work, all week

Livingston County

Culvert Replacements – Route N – CLOSED Tuesday.

Sullivan County

Highway 5 & 6 – Slide repair project in several locations, through November.

Culvert Replacements

Route O – CLOSED Monday from Route UU to Route U.

Route V – CLOSED Tuesday from Route O to Willow Road.


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