Empire Gas Rate Increase

Customers of Empire Gas will see a rate increase beginning December 1st.  Empire Gas says the change is to reflect estimated changes in the wholesale cost of natural gas as well as a change in the company’s Actual Cost Adjustment (ACA) factor.

The Missouri Public Service Commission approved a request filed by Empire extending the ACA recovery period from 12 months to three years in the local service area, thereby spreading the costs from the February 2021 Cold Weather Event over a longer period of time.   Empire stated that recovering the costs in the typical fashion would be unduly burdensome to its customers.

The rate increase means the current rate per cubic foot will double.  Residential customers currently pay approximately $0.36 per Ccf (per hundred cubic feet) of natural gas. Under this filing, the rate will increase to approximately $0.72 per Ccf.

The North System includes the cities of Chillicothe, Marceline and Trenton.

What you can do to help manage your utility bill:

  • Add attic insulation if necessary.
  • Place weather stripping around doors, use plastic film covering and caulk windows to keep heat from escaping from your home.
  • Change or replace furnace filters each month when dirty.
  • Have your chimney checked for blockage.
  • Close fireplace dampers when the fireplace is not being used.
  • Have your heating system checked and tuned-up if needed.
  • Place an approved insulated cover-jacket around the hot water heater.
  • Consider getting professional help for any projects that are beyond your capabilities.
  • Contact your local utility company to ask about energy saving tips and programs.

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