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MDC Providing Virtual Program – Deer Hunting With Handguns

The Missouri Department of Conservation presents “Handguns For Deer Hunting,” a virtual program on using handguns to hunt for white-tailed deer.  The program will be presented on line, Thursday, December 9th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

This class will teach participants about the equipment and skills needed to hunt deer with a handgun. Regulations for handgun hunting will also be covered.

Nathan Woodland, MDC manager at the Parma Woods Shooting Range near Parkville says “Our staff are often asked about details of hunting with handguns.”  He went on to say, “People can attend this online session to get some answers on how to get started in handgun hunting this year.”

Instructors will also discuss topics such as wildlife identification, habits and habitats, safety, hunting strategies, and care of the harvested game.

This class is open to participants ages 21 and older. Registration is required. To register, visit https://short.mdc.mo.gov/Ztt.

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