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MDC Offers Virtual Birding Programs

Two virtual birding programs are available online through the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Missouri residents can get tips on what species of birds can be seen at this time of year and where are the best birding spots at two Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) virtual birding programs on Dec. 14. Both programs will be from 6-7 p.m., are free, and are open to all ages.

Best of the Ozarks Virtual Series, Winter Birding: At this online program, MDC Naturalist Morgan Wyatt will discuss some of the species that can be seen in Missouri in winter. She’ll explain how the Ozarks winter visitors range in size from smaller birds such as juncos and pine siskins to large species like bald eagles and pelicans. People can register for this program at:


Birdwatching 101, Winter Raptors: At this virtual program,  where MDC Conservation Educator Jeff Cantrell will discuss hawks, vultures, and other large raptors that can be seen in this region in winter.  Some of these birds migrate here from areas further north; others are here year round, but can be seen easier at this time of year because of a lack of tree foliage and other vegetation. Cantrell will discuss how these large birds provide excellent opportunities for novices to get interested in birding and for others to hone their bird identification skills. People can register for this program at:


While the programs are free, registration is required to participate. Use the link above. Registrants must provide an e-mail, so a program link can be sent to them. These programs will include a chat-based question-and-answer period where participants can interact with the presenters.

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