Chillicothe City Council Reviews New Ward Boundaries

The re-alignment of Chillicothe four wards, based on population was presented at Monday’s City Council meeting.  Chillicothe City Administrator Darin Chappell says the changes are the result of the 2020 Census

City Clerk Roze Frampton says the city’s population dropped about 408 in the latest census, and the population at the prison increased by 168.

The recommendations are as follows:

1st Ward, West of US 65 and north of a line that includes Calhoun, west to Jansen, north to Polk and west to the city limit,

2nd Ward, East of US 65 and north of a line from US 65 and Bryan east to Locust, north to JFK, east to Trenton Street, north to 11th Street, east to Broadway, north to Trenton Road and east to the city limit.

3rd Ward, south of the southern boarder of 2nd Ward and east of a line that runs south along US 65 to Leeper. West to Graves, south to Waples, west to Williams, south to the end of Williams, east to Graves, south to Business 36 and east to US 65, then south to the city limit

4th ward,  is west of the 3rd Ward western boundary and south of the 1st Ward boundary.

The 1st Ward population is 2,269,  and was unchanged in boundary lines.

The 2nd Ward population is 2,226, and has 366 people that moved from 2nd ward to 3rd ward due to the change in boundaries.

The 3rd Ward population is 2,285, and gained the 366 from 2nd ward and lost 66 to 4th ward in the boundary changes.

The 4th Ward population is 2,287, and gains 66 from the boundary shift from 3rd to 4th Ward.

The Council will vote on the changes at a future meeting.

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