Chillicothe Police Report -12/29/21 Activities

Chillicothe Police received 102 calls for service on Wednesday.
3:50 am, a 2-year-old child was reported missing from a residence in the 1500 block of Third Street. Officers were advised to disregard shortly after having received the report, the child was located in a closet and had gone to sleep.
3:55 am Officer assisted Animal Control at the Animal Shelter due to a problem with a frozen lock. Officer was able to help gain entry.
6:29 am Report of Traffic Signal malfunction at Clay and Washington Streets. MoDOT was notified of the issue. As of 8:51 am, the lights are reported to be functioning again.
11:03 am, a call from a property owner reported that it has been determined that damage to a phone box on a residence in the 700 block of Commercial that had been reported to an Officer has been determined to have been caused by a vehicle driving under a cable in the alley at the rear of the residence.
12:27 pm, Subject calling to inquire about people violating housing restrictions imposed by the landlord. Advised that it is a civil issue.
1:54 pm, Officer out in the 200 block of Church Street on an investigation.
2:46 pm, Several calls from concerned individuals about a reported dog bite and vaccination records. Officer handling and viewing records of shots.
3:09 pm, 911 reported a disturbance in the 1000 block of S. Washington Street. Officers checked and found the call had been made by a young child. No disturbance was found.
9:03 pm, Complaint of loud music in the 100 block of Conn Street. Officer made contact and was advised to turn the music down.
Numerous traffic stops, continuing investigations, and building security checks.

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