Basketball Tournament Results 1/11/21 games

In area Basketball Tournament results:
Lawson Tournament
Gallatin over Lawson boys 39 to 36
West Platte boys over Christo Rey 80 to 18.
(Chillicothe Hornets play West Platte Thursday)
West Platte girls over Gallatin 49-16
North Platte girls over Richmond 52 to 29.
Consolation semifinal games are tonight

Milan Tournament
Brookfield boys over Brashear 68 to 37
Brashear girls over Linn County 30 to 26
Milan boys over Linn County 63 to 34
Three more pool play games are tonight

South Harrison Tournament
Mercer girls over North Harrison 62 to 18
South Harrison girls over Northeast Nodaway 53 to 27
Northeast Nodaway boys over Mercer 55 to 39
South Harrison boys over North Harrison 45 to 29
Consolation semifinal games tonight

Osborn Tournament
Polo girls over Benton JV 52-28
DeKalb girls over Pattonsburg 52-40,
Union Star girls over Mid Buchanan JV 47-26
Osborn girls over Winston 55 to 24
Winston boys over Pattonsburg 69-62
Polo boys over Osborn 51-46
DeKalb boys over Hamilton JV 68-42
North Platte boys over Union Star 63-26
No Osborn Tournament games tonight

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