Mural To Come Down, Park Closed For Safety

The damages to the Graham’s Mill Mural at Clay and Washington Streets will require the mural to be taken down from the wall.  Main Street Chillicothe Director Pam Jarding made the announcement Friday afternoon.  Jarding says the work will require the closing of the pocket park where the Graham’s Mill Mural is painted.

The mural was damaged in a wind storm several weeks ago and upon inspection, Main Street feels it was in the best interest to close the park.   The press release states “We do not want anyone hurt in case a larger piece than the piece that came off during the horrendous wind we had a few weeks ago.”

Decisions will have to be made on what the next steps are.  The City has closed the park as Main Street waits for the construction company to take down the mural.

Jarding says no one wants to see this done, but the mural has now become a safety issue.

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  • Cecelia Gatson Grindel

    I hope that the mural can be repaired and replaced. I so enjoy the them when we come ‘home’ for a visit. They are a significant of the history and admiration items and enjoyed by visiting guests.

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