Chillicothe Firefighters Receive “Zolldier Awards” For Lifesaving

Eight members of the Chillicothe Fire Department received awards provided by one of the department’s vendors for saving the lives of two community members.  Zoll Corporation, the manufacturer of defibrillators and other equipment used by the department, presented “Zolldier Awards” to:

Captain Derrick Allen, Battalion Chief Less Hinnen, Lutenient Firefighter Andy Vaughn, and Firefighters Brett Stephens, Zach Parks, Tyler Bowlen, Holly Gamble and Zach Dunn.

All eight are either Paramedics or EMTs with the department and saved the lives of two people in October and November of last year

Zoll representative Jason Fenton says Chillicothe definitely has some of the best EMT’s and Paramedics in the State. Our community is very fortunate to have such a great Team of EMS personnel.

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