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$13.76 Million Livingston County Budget Approved

The Livingston County Budget, totaling $13.76 million in expenditures was approved by the County Commission on a vote of 2 to 1.  The budget had only minor changes for the Prosecuting Attorney’s fund.

The budget includes a 5% cost of living increase for salaried employees and elected officials and a 50 cent increase for hourly employees.

In the final discussion before the vote on the budget, Commissioner Alvin Thompson said he was voting no because he feels the county needs to spend more on repairs, upgrades, and replacement of bridges that do not meet the needs of the farmers in the county.   He also felt the budget should reflect some of the expenses at the old sheriff’s office in the sheriff’s budget.

This is the third year, Thompson has voted NO on the budget.

The budget will now be sent to the state as required by statute.

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