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Don’t Forget About The Assessment Forms

Assessment forms were mailed to Livingston County residents at the start of the year.  Livingston County Assessor Steve Ripley says those forms need to be returned by March 1st and urges you to file these as soon as possible so they are not forgotten.  Forms filed late can result in penalties.

You can file either electronically or on paper.  Paper forms can be mailed or dropped off at the Assessor’s office.  If you plan to file online, you have only one opportunity, so he says to make sure you have everything on the form and have marked out anything that is sold.

If you have questions, Ripley asks that you double-check the instructions first otherwise call the Assessor’s office at 646-8000, option 2.

If you do not receive an assessment form, contact the Assessor’s office.  If you are new to the county, it is your responsibility to contact the Assessor’s office before the deadline.

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