City Council Discusses Animal Ordinance

The Chillicothe City Council discussed the Animal Control Ordinance in a workshop session Wednesday.  The main topic of discussion was the removal of the Breed Specific Ban.  That ban currently includes American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier.

The Council is considering strengthing the dangerous dog section of the ordinance, specifically if an animal has bitten a person or other animal.

Proposed ordinances were provided by the City Attorney as a guide, and the content was discussed.

The council wants better definitions of several terms and will continue their review of the proposed changes.


  • Johnnie Dean Suddith

    Sounds to me like they need to worry about and do something about the dogs (Muts) that do bite. I was bitten by a dog, TWICE. Same dog and though it was quarantined the first time, then released to attack me again just to be ignored by animal control and the police. Your time would be better spent on those issues instead of persecuting the friendliest breeds there are.

    • If pits are so friendly, why do they kill more people than all the other types of dogs combined? They were bred for blood sports like bull baiting and dog fighting, so it makes sense that they’re more prone to unprovoked aggression and gameness.

      Even pit bulls raised from puppies in good homes go on to maim and kill, so please don’t give me that tired old lie about it’s all in how you raise them. It’s not. I’ve seen pit bull puppies only a couple months old seriously attack, maul, and even kill and eat their littermates. Other dogs don’t do this.

      I agree that dog bite laws are a joke, but please don’t make it seem like pit bulls are wrongly maligned. They have a bad reputation that is completely deserved.

      I’m not sure how anyone can look at the statistics on dog bite related fatalities and decide that these dogs are no more dangerous than any other type of dog. It’s absurd.

      • Fact is the three banned breeds rate in the top 20% of all breeds tested for having good temperaments. There are 26 dog breeds commonly mistaken as « pit bulls » and then add in many more mixes. Science has clearly showed there is no dangerous breed of dog and BSL has been a failed policy worldwide. Follow the science and not the hype.

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