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Need To Pay In On Your Federal Tax Return? You Have Choices

If you have completed your federal tax return and find you need to pay in, you have several choices on paying your taxes.

  • Pay when they e-file using your bank account, at no charge, using electronic funds withdrawal.
  • Sign into their Online Account to pay their 2021 balance, estimated taxes, or payment for an extension to file. Taxpayers can also see their payment history, any scheduled or pending payments, and other account details.
  • Use IRS Direct Pay to pay electronically directly from their checking or savings account. Taxpayers may choose to schedule a payment up to 365 days in advance. They can choose to receive email notifications about their payments when they pay this way.
  • Pay using a payment processor by credit card, debit card or digital wallet options. Taxpayers can make these payments online, by phone.
  • Make a cash payment at more than 60,000 participating retail locations To pay with cash, taxpayers should visit IRS.gov and follow the instructions.

Pay over time by applying for an online payment agreement. Once the IRS accepts an agreement, taxpayers can make their payment in monthly installments.


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