Budgets On The Agenda For Chillicothe City Council

The City of Chillicothe and CMU budgets will be considered at Monday’s City Council meeting.  The meeting begins at 5:30 pm at the CMU meeting room.

The meeting begins with the finances and the council will consider a farm ground lease.

The council will amend the 2021/22 budget to actual figures

A public hearing will be held for the consideration of the 2022/23 Budget Documents

Bids will be considered for the demolition of a house at 1016 Cherry Street.

Several annual contracts will be considered for auditing services, work release.

They will also consider the annual service contracts with organizations in the community.

A Closed Executive session will be held following the meeting for personnel.  This may include the finalization of the contract with a new Chillicothe City Administrator.

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